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To make big environmental changes, we cannot do it alone. We need to work together to make businesses greener and more sustainable. That is why we actively encourage our customers to recycle their wood waste. We work closely with them to collect the wood waste generated from their operations at a lower cost than it would be to dispose of it. We make the process convenient for them by collecting the wood waste instead of them having to pay a disposal fee to wood waste dumps that can be costly. Find out more information here

We then transport this wood waste to our wood waste recycling plant, the first of its kind in Singapore. We turn it into recycled wood products that are high-quality and consistent in colour, texture and density. The reconstituted wood is known as Technical Wood and is ideal for making furniture, building material and heavy-duty industrial usage.

We also make it into sustainable pallets that are sold at competitive prices. This extends the lifecycle of the wood and contributes to waste reduction efforts today and in the long run. In land-scarce Singapore, we hope our recycling efforts help society become more sustainable and save valuable natural resources.

Step by Step Process

Step 1

Companies will need to obtain prior approval from NEA(National Environment Agency) on the intended disposal.

For more information on the general waste disposal facility;

Step 2

As NEA’s licensed wood waste collection centre, General Waste Collectors (GWC) can dispose their industrial & horticulture wood waste at our facility.

We also provide a convenient collection service for all your industrial wood waste disposal needs.

Step 3

The wood waste will then be shredded into by-products known as “wood chips”. These “wood chips” will be sold as woody biomass for power plants or they will be processed into new wood known as Technical Wood at our wood waste recycling plant. Technical Wood is a substitute for timber that can be used to produce packaging components, building materials, and furniture components.

Find Out More About Our Waste Disposal and Wood Waste Recycling Plant

  • Singapore’s first wood waste recycling plant.
  • The plant converts recycled woodchips into “new wood” known as Technical Wood (otherwise known as engineered compressed wood).
  • In 2017, LHT Holdings produced close to 1000 tonnes of Technical Wood each month – the equivalent of 380 trees saved.

Benefits When You Choose LHT For Waste Disposal

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