Using the latest RFID Technology

At LHT we focus on developing sustainable solutions to help our clients and partners reduce their carbon footprint. Our pallet rental service is aligned with our goal to reduce waste and to encourage the 3Rs – Reuse, Recycle and Reduce.

  • Reduce – the cutting of new trees in making more new pallets
  • Reuse – pallets de-hired will be re-hire again
  • Recycle – pallet end of life will be recycled into wood chips

As pioneers in the industry, we use an innovative RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) system to trace each pallet at every stage from storage to transport. This ensures full tacking of goods, increased efficiency and logistic flexibility. After devoting efforts to research and development, we successfully achieved a 100% read rate for pallets passing through the RFID gantry.

It is this commitment to excellence that attracts many FMCG industry leaders to choose our RFID pallets. Our rental option is ideal during festive and seasonal periods to cope with the surge in demand. Clients do not need to purchase pallets unnecessarily just for these periods helping them reduce waste and enjoy greater cost savings.

Benefits When You Choose LHT For Pallet Rental

  • Minimized pallet wastage
  • Reduced warehouse storage costs
  • Reduce capital investments
  • Exchangeable and shared assets
  • Reduce Inventory
  • No maintenance costs
  • On line access
  • No Cross Border Hassle
  • RFID-enabled ready for your RFID-enable warehouse/ supply chain

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