At LHT we are constantly exploring and actively investigating new technologies to improve productivity. With a growing number of MNCs engaging us for their packaging and pallet needs, we developed a novel Pallet and Crate (PnC) design system to create customised pallets. By tailoring pallets to their products, this system reduces material quantities and eliminates waste. It also reduces pallet design time by 50% allowing us to respond faster to meet tight deadlines.

Our rigorous testing process ensures the optimal size and thickness of the wooden planks to sustain the weight of the products. This testing process also allows us to use a carbon footprint calculator to ensure these newly designed pallets help our customers significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

Manufacturing internationally compliant pallets more efficiently than before, our pallet design and testing system also enable us to help our customers enjoy greater cost savings in the long run.

Benefits when you choose LHT For Pallet Design

  • One-Stop Bespoke Solutions
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Dedicated Customer Service
  • Experienced Team
  • Efficient Innovative Process