Our Partnership

As a pioneer in the wooden pallet and crate industry, LHT continues to lead by constantly innovating to make better, more sustainable products. We stay ahead by forming long-lasting partnerships with technology leaders to discover and test new products. These valued partnerships help us optimise our operations and change the industry for the better.

At LHT we are always pursuing innovative ways to become a greener and smarter manufacturer.


The role technology plays in LHT pallet and crate manufacturing is extensive. By enhancing our overall productivity and making our operations more sustainable, we rely heavily on developing new technology. In 2009, we collaborated with SIMTech to introduce a smart factory that has streamlined our operations and improved our productivity by over 50%. We are also planning to introduce a new green building environment within our smart factory in line with our ongoing efforts towards making our business more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

RFID pallet management system (PMS)

Tracking Technology

Our deep understanding of the pallet and crate business led us to expand our range of services to include pallet rental. By allowing customers to rent pallets during seasonal periods of high demand, we enable them to save cost and help reduce a significant amount of excess waste by recycling our high-quality pallets.

To make this happen, we collaborated with SIMTech to develop a track and trace solution that will allow us to track our pallets in real-time. This RFID pallet management system is especially useful to enhance our pallet rental services to customers in Singapore, Malaysia and even Vietnam. By implementing this Radio Frequency Identification-based system, we have benefited from better productivity and continue to enjoy yearly cost savings (no lost pallets) while helping our customers save too.

The Pallet & Crate (PnC) Design System

Reducing Waste Through Customisation

Our years of experience in the industry informs our decision to move towards creating an efficient design system to customise pallets and crates to our customer’s specifications. This will reduce waste as well as errors when transporting and storing our customer’s products.

Commissioned in 2016, we worked with SIMTech to develop a new Pallet & Crate (PnC) Design System that will enable us to provide our customers with customised pallets and crates. This system features an accurate carbon footprint calculator to help our customers reduce their carbon tax. It also comes with a life-cycle assessment tool to reduce materials, handling costs and waste while also minimising toxicity. Rigorously tested before use, we also provide our customers with digital 3D mockups for their review.

Eco-friendly Wood Packaging

Resourceful Thinking For Greener Processes

We have been pioneering sustainable practices in manufacturing and have made it an indispensable part of our business. In 1999, we established Singapore’s first wood waste recycling plant. This is revolutionary in the wood pallet and crate manufacturing industry in Asia because of the investment required to procure the right machinery.

Since 1999, we have used our recycling plant to turn wood waste into environmentally friendly “technical wood” , hence extending the lifecycle of the wood material. This compressed engineered wood can be used to make beautiful wooden furniture as well as a new line of sustainable pallets, crates, boxes and other wooden packaging products.

In 2017, we collaborated with SIMTech to design and create another game-changing eco-friendly product; a wood-plastic composite cap that will increase the lifespan of wooden blocks. Fitted onto wooden blocks made of technical wood, these reinforced blocks are carefully fitted between wooden planks to create stronger, longer-lasting wooden pallets that can be recycled. These wood-plastic composite caps can almost double the lifespan of these “technical wood” wooden blocks. Creating this new composite material will enable us to recycle an estimated 76.8 tonnes of plastic packaging waste per year.


In 2017 we collaborated with A*STAR SIMTech to re-engineer and improve our existing pallet assembly line to make it smarter and more sustainable. It will be fully automated and equipped with cutting edge sensors to monitor the production environment. This is crucial when working with wood because any air leakage and change in temperature or humidity can be detrimental to pallet quality.

The Energy Efficiency Monitoring and Analysis System (E2MAS) also developed with A*STAR SIMTech, assesses equipment energy efficiency in real-time. This allows us to identify areas for improvement – hot spots of excessive energy usage. We can quickly modify and make the necessary changes to our day-to-day energy usage to rectify this situation.