Company Profile

LHT Holdings Limited is one of the largest and most reputable homegrown manufacturing companies of high quality and eco-friendly wooden pallets, boxes and crates in Singapore. As a publicly listed company that has been in the timber industry since 1977, LHT has become a leader and continues to pioneer new innovations to keep up with the changing times. The preferred choice of MNCs and Fortune 500 companies for total packaging and logistic support, LHT continues to grow its supply chain capabilities across the Asia Pacific region.

Overcoming limited space and scarce natural resources, Singapore has become internationally recognized for its environmental sustainability strategy, with recycling as one of its key pillars. LHT has made significant efforts to contribute to this strategy by opening the country’s first wood waste recycling plant in 1999 as part of its commitment to a greener and more sustainable future.

Today, LHT is recognised as an Eco Environment company that plays a vital role in advancing the government’s recycling initiative with its pioneering efforts to transform waste wood and horticultural waste into eco-friendly packaging materials and other wood-based products


To provide total packaging support for every aspect of the supply chain in Singapore and across the region

During the Covid-19 pandemic, LHT was assigned essential business status. The company kept its doors open to provide numerous grocery chains with the packaging support needed to cope with the significant increase in demand. Providing pallets, crates and logistics, LHT enabled these businesses to continue their operations without considerable disruptions to their supply chain. In line with its commitment to the environment, LHT allows grocery businesses as well as other businesses that face seasonal periods of growth to rent pallets and return them once they are done.

Company Core Values






Our Journey

Towards Digital Transformation

Since our inception in 1977, many of LHT’s processes were previously done manually. However, over the years, we have realised the benefits of leveraging modern technology, and as such have updated our processes to ensure efficacy. One notable example is our RFID technology, which we implemented in 2009, that, through real-time tracking, eliminated manpower wastage from the retrieval of information for customers’ verification documentation.

Completed in 2012, LHT also adopts an Event-Driven Business Process Management (EDBPM) system that monitors, analyses, and acts on changing business conditions in real-time, as events occur. We have since extended this system to our procurement and HR processes as well, to be more effective and efficient holistically.

LHT has come a long way from being a traditional pallet manufacturer and has implemented several other technologies throughout our growth. We continue to keep ourselves abreast of modern approaches to not only improve our work productivity but also produce higher quality goods that are more environmentally friendly.

Green Dream

Our Ambition For Sustainable Green Manufacturing

LHT Holdings has developed a series of environmentally friendly products made from 50 to 100 percent waste wood materials in response to changing customer needs. The Innovative Processed Product Conversion (IPPC) line of pallets, crates, and boxes do not require fumigation or heat treatment when exported, saving both costs and delivery time compared to those made from natural wood.

As part of our ongoing efforts to reduce waste and to protect the precious timber resources of the earth, LHT established Singapore’s first wood waste recycling plant. This plant was opened in 1999 and features a highly automated wood recycling system from Germany that produces re-engineered wood products from wood waste. With this cutting-edge technology, we are fully equipped to produce a series of Technical Wood products.

By achieving “zero waste manufacturing”, we can use our manufacturing waste wood like wood chips, cut-off timber, wood shaving, and sawdust for cogeneration purposes. Using the latest machinery, we monitor and control the quality of our products to ensure they are consistent in colour, texture and density. We prevent wood cracks, mould and insect attacks through a strict, carefully regulated process of treatment and drying. These professionally treated, recycled products are ideal for crafting furniture, building material and heavy-duty industrial usage.

As an NEA licensed waste wood collection centre, we are also able to convert unwanted wood waste into green products like fire-rated doors, flooring stripes, Innovative Process Product Conversion (IPPC) lines of pallets and crates. As natural wood has many defects like wormholes, warping, split, shake, fungal attack, etc, as compared to IPPC pallets and crates, most of our customers had switched to IPPC.

Embarking on a sustainability journey is always challenging, costly and ROIs can add business risks. The objective is to reduce our carbon footprint. The low-carbon machinery, equipment, and processes come at substantial costs which may affect the final product price making it costly and uncompetitive. But, by recycling waste and converting it into some raw materials in our processes, we believe it will be a game-changer in our sustainability journey.